uMidi + Metropolis Sync Problem

Hey guys

I’m having a really hard time trying to clock my metropolis from uMidi , Ive updated all firmware to the latest, umidi 1.15 , metropolis 1.3

What works:
If I use a dinsync cable , that splits from a din connector to reset and clock 3.5 connecter - from the din output of a Roland SBX-1 box to the metropolis set to d24 … works fantastic

What doesn’t:
SBX-1 midi out to uMidi > reset and clock to metropolis , which is set to external sync… nothing, I’ve tried every combination I can do eg 16th + reset to metropolis . Run + reset to metropolis, using D24 and external sync , nothing. I get a faint blink in the led display, but I cannot get it to run.

I have two metropolis , and the same for both.

The umidi 16th + reset sent to the WMD Arpitech does work? Oddly. It also works with my tip top z8000 sequencer.

Check Out the Video Here
Short Video with Metropolis + uMidi Sync Problem

Hey Frank,

Hmmm… That’s strange. The µMidi is lighting up so at least you know it’s receiving clock. Have you tried changing the reset mode in the Metropolis Config Menu? I’m assuming you’re on Rst_r which should work with the µMidi Run output, but it might be worth trying Rst.F with the Reset output. It also might be worth trying it with only the clock connected.

What do you have your Clock divider set to?

Does the DIN output from the SBX work?

And have you checked out this video?

Hi Scott

I received this from Kamil on email, which I thought I would share…

I think I see the problem. You need to connect the RUN (not RESET) output of the µMIDI to the RESET input of the Metropolis. The terminology is a bit confusing because the function of the RESET input of the Metropolis as a RUN input in certain modes is a new thing and it’s not indicated on the panel.

Would be good to get some further notes on the new function, was it part of the firmware upgrade? I did notice there is a reset_r mode now in your video.

Ah yes…

The Rst_r feature was added in version 1.3 so it wasn’t out when I made the µMIDI video. It is covered a bit in the 1.3 video, although I don’t mention that it changes the way things work with the µMIDI.

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