uMidi + Logic Syncs but does't Reset

uMidi 1u syncs perfectly with logic pro X, midi clock to CV goes but it doesn’t send reset messages, light doesn’t blink. Same midi cable plugged to Yarns works with sync and reset messages. Any ideas ?

Is Logic Pro X actually sending a MIDI reset message? You can use to confirm.

It is as I said same midi cabe plugged in MI Yarns gets reset messages normaly, thanks downloaded anyways

Yes but my question is whether or not Yarns is using a midi reset message to trigger its reset out, or some other criteria. µMIDI triggers specifically on a MIDI reset message, which is why I want you to check if one is being sent.

Apparently in the software you recommended it only sends resets when I press play or when a looped section starts again. Do you know how to make Logic X send reset midi messages ?

When else would you expect it to send a reset message?