uMIDI and Sonarworks Sound ID issue. Weird!

I’m having a strange issue with the uMIDI module.

Whenever I power on my case with the USB cable plugged into uMIDI, it crashes my Sound ID app (made by Sonarworks). It’s not a big deal, I just restart the app. I emailed with Sonarworks and they have no clue. When the USB cord is not plugged into uMIDI, it does not crash Sonarworks. If I keep the USB cord plugged in, it re-crashes the app every couple hours.

uMIDI is running the latest firmware (1.15). My case is the Pittsburgh Modular 420 Structure.

Has anyone else has encountered this before?

What operating system are you using? There may be logs of what’s happening.

My 100% wild-ass guess is that the program starts up and enumerates all the “multimedia” devices (audio / MIDI), but leaves a callback in place to get notified of new devices. That callback isn’t handled correctly (or doesn’t expect MIDI devices to suddenly appear) and crashes the program when the uMidi powers up.

I’m running Mac OS 10.15.7 (Catalina). 2013 Mac Pro.

Your explanation is great, and makes no sense to me. Haha.

Next time it happens, I’ll try and see if there’s an error log.

Circling back to this.

I got a new Mac Studio in November. It’s running Monterey. I did a clean install. No migration of old data. And still this problem persists! I plugin the USB cable for uMIDI, and SoundID crashes over and over.

FYI, there’s no error log.