uMidi + Akemie's Taiko Problems [resolved]


[EDIT: I tried this with Plonk (that too snapshots IIRC and it works as intended so it must be an issue with Akemie’s Takio)

I recently got a uMidi and in general it works great. But, it doesn’t play nicely with ALM’s Anemia’s Taiko. That module takes a snapshot on receipt of a trigger and the settings on the module at that moment are what makes the outputting sound.

The issue I’m having is with the VEL / MOD & CC outputs. These aren’t received by the module on the corresponding trigger and instead are processed up on the next trigger. This would suggest a slight delay in those values being sent. If I run the trigger into a gate delay and then onwards with the tiniest amount of delay added then everything works as normal.

Fortunately, the pitch is sent with the trigger and so for basic use, it works fine.