uMidi 1u v 5hp

Hi all,

Is the functionality of the uMidi and the uMidi 1u + midi port / jack essentially the same?

I’m looking to use my elektron digitakt as a sequencer and send midi info into my eurorack. I’ve got a 6u + 1u case, and the umidi 1u looks like the perfect option to save space and get the most functionality out of my digitakt. I want to make sure I’m not missing out on some essential function that only the 5u model has before I place my order.


The terms are a bit mixed up, but you are essentially correct, the 3U version and 1U w/ Jacks have the same functionality.

Sorry, just getting started. Thanks for the quick reply. I’m really looking forward to incorporating a modular setup into my synth rig.

Final question, and again I thank you for bearing with me while I learn about these new options.

Let’s say I’m sending midi sequences from a hardware sequencer on multiple channels (say 2 and 3) and my sequencer is connected to a synth (recieving ch 2 data), then from the synth’s “thru” I have a cable running to the uMidi (recieving ch 3 data). I know they’ll be running on the same clock, but I’m assuming that I can manipulate the ch. 2 sequence without disrupting the data going to the uMidi on ch. 3 and vice cersa, is that correct?

Thank you for your time!

That’s correct. µMIDI can be assigned to a midi channel either by using the LEARN function or the Online Configuration Utility which you can find here:µMIDI/

Learn mode will assign µMIDI to the first midi channel it receives a message on, so be sure nothing is playing on ch 2 while it is trying to learn the channel if you want to assign it to ch 3.

This is a huge help! Thanks for your time.

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