uMidi 1U Multiple Triggers/Gates / How do you integrate yours?

Hey Intellijel Forum!

First time posting here - Just got a 7u case after a few months of getting into the eurorack format, loving it so far!

I’m in the process of getting all the connectivity figured out for my setup (with sound design and live performance in mind first and foremost) and was hoping to get some tips on Midi control.

I just got the uMidi 1U to make use of the Midi ports on the case, and am hoping to run it into my Pamela’s New Workout to clock my modular. I was reading an interview with Venetian Snares, and he mentioned how he used a Machinedrum to sequence all of his modular percussion with a 16out trigger module in his eurorack kit.

I know the uMidi is technically just a comprehensive 1 voice midi module (with clock out capabilities etc), but I was curious if theres a way to use it with an OT or MD in a similar manner? Is that something even worth pursuing?

Sorry if my explanation isn’t super straightforward. Basically I am just trying to figure out how you all use uMidi to control your entire system, if at all?

Could I possibly send Midi to uMidi, and use a splitter to also send channels to a module that splits into 8 or so separate trigs?

Thanks in advance!

I’m gonna take a quick stab at this, but someone with more knowledge of the specific devices will know better.

First, you’re not going to get multiple drum tracks from any device connected to the uMidi. There are probably a few tricks to maybe get more than 1, using velocity & CC messages, but that’s not really the intended use.

I’m guessing VS uses drum sounds on the MD that function as a trigger signal, like an analog clock, to fire off euro percussion. There’s probably more to it than that, but I would search in that direction. Otherwise, if it has to be midi you should familiarize yourself with Expert Sleepers line of products. Hope this is helpful and not too far off.

Thanks for the response!

Yes, I believe VS sends pulse waves as triggers from each channel of MD.
Wonder if if would be possible to mod uM to send triggers out of every output? Or perhaps that would just be an entirely different module for the future? Using a midi to trigger module would be straightforward but then I lose the functionality of using the pre-installed Midi port on the 7u

I’ve heard of the ES modules, but haven’t delved too deeply into them yet - will do that!

Wondering how people integrate uMidi 1U into their system when controlling entire cases - the one voice out is nice for a mono synth voice, and I guess most will then just send clock out from uM and sequence internally?

Curious if anyone has done anything else other than that (straightforward) approach.


Currently I am just using my uMidi to sync clock & reset info from my Rytm so I’m not the best candidate for specifics, but a few things you could look into:

Running pitch through:

  • Shift Register (Shifty, Disting, more) to send notes to different voices
  • Quantizer - you can get creative with different routing options to get multiple, musically related, sequences
  • Modules like Marbles that take note info and create variations based on that.
  • I saw a video where Surgeon was using a Turing Machine riff playing 16th notes (IIRC), he would loop that phrase and then slow the same sequence so that it was playing whole notes (or something), and it worked really well… obviously that approach only works if you’re using a looping setup, but I think you can apply the same concept with a S&H (gotta find one that doesn’t droop)

Hope that’s some helpful ideas.

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I actually own Marbles!

I think I am just daunted by making music without a traditional sequencer workflow for live performances. Realistically with uMidi, Pams, and Marbles, I might have enough control points to prepare performances with a decent degree of control over things.

Still have to figure out a convenient way to quickly program scales into marbles but thats for a different forum post / discussion haha.

Looks like for now I will do MD -> uMidi -> Pam’s -> Marbles. With marbles controlling 2-3 sources, uMidi controlling a synth voice, and Pam’s doing other misc control with rotating Euclidian patterns or something. would be better for that.

A Beatstep Pro would also be pretty good for controlling drums in euro.

The uMidi is not really a voice-reconfigurable module like Yarns or the Mutant Brain. The CV.OCD might be a better option as well.

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Mutant brain looks awesome!

So in short I guess uMidi won’t be able to split signals - as expected, and is purely going to act as a single voice.

Would there be harm or sync issues in using a Midi splitter? to say run a synth voice from uMidi on channel 1, and then have another Midi cable with channels 2-16 or something into a module like MB etc for triggers?

If I understand your interest correctly, look into these:
Poly - Polyend; qMI - Vermona; - Shuttle Control; Doepfer - A190-5 or 191.

And if you don’t know about it already, you’ll want to get into

You’ll find this an essential tool in planning your rack - all MIDI>CV devices listed above are there and many more.

Good luck!

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I am familiar with ModularGrid, thanks for the suggestion though!

I will look into those other modules, the Polyend Poly seems super cool. Only thing then is - can I somehow hack the modules that have Midi inputs to use the Midi ports on the 7u case? Would be a shame to let them go to waste if they are already there. Hmm.

µMIDI is really meant to be a monophonic MIDI controller and sync utility, so it’s not the best solution for triggering multiple drum voices. However, you can easily sync it to your MD, send triggers from the MD using that pulse output method described earlier, sync PNW and Marbles, and use the Pitch, CC, and Mod outputs to control parameters on any of your modules.

µMIDI works great with the OT as you can use it to control all of the available outputs.

If you’re after a MIDI to CV converter with more channels to control drums, the Mutant Brain or Shuttle Control might be more appropriate.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the MIDI through jack on your case will just pass whatever’s connected to the MIDI input. So you can control other droids further down the chain.

How did i forget about that thru port :flushed: - that’s embarrassing!

So yeah, in that case I can have MD send clock and control a synth (i.e my mutable elements) via uMidi 1U (on channel 1 let’s say), then feeding clock/run to PNW and clocking Marbles from her. In theory I won’t even have to do the pulse output trick for that?

Then I can use channels 2-16 from the thru port to control MB if I expand down the line.

Realistically with my sound sources available (Morphagene, Elements, 2hp Kick, SE Quadnic, Ears) I won’t need any more control points than I currently have. Though that’s a discussion for a different thread.

You could actually clock both Marbles and PNW from µMIDI. Just connect the 1/16th to one and the CLK to the other.

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There are plans to update the µMIDI firmware since its gotten pretty long in the tooth and we are needing to update our MIDI capability for some other projects. I will look into the feasibility of using the additional CV outputs as gates when I’m doing that.


how bout a general poly expander? for the 1u at least i imagine a small 4-6hp module with only 4 jacks for CV, Gate, Velocity, ?assignable? configurable in the app for different types of polyphony.

this way you could easily buy a small expansion only for the amount of voices you need.

It could be a possibility for the 1U version, there’s an I2C header we put on there for future use. Will look into it after the firmware is updated.


Hi there
Any update on this? Is this something that could happen this year?
Would be gutted to not make use of the 7u case design and instead go mutant brain…

@kamil I just found this thread after thinking wouldn’t it be great if some or all of 1u uMIDI could be configured per output via the web interface. The above makes it sound possible at least and it was being considered? It would open up worlds of control from the Octatrack for example!

Nice thread. I send clock and triggers from my OT to my 1u umidi. From there I can send clock into Pams and marbles. Many times I get the clock into Pam’s and then use it’s outs to control sequencers and LFOs.

The fact that I can control velocity and pitch with the OT is very cool, I have not figured out CC’s or mod yet, but the uMIDI is quite awesome as a 1u.

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I do that too, OT takes care of the drums and sampling and Pam’s sends clock related modulation all over the place. Looking forward to trying out the new Pams quantizer.
Still wish 1u midi would take multiple midi channels though, even 2x gate & pitch would open things up a lot :slightly_smiling_face: