uMidi 1u + Logic Pro - How to get clock output to the Metropolix

Hi all-

I’m sure this must be user error, but for the life of me I can’t suss out what to do differently. I’ve recently started trying to integrate my Palette into my Logic workflow and have just tried to get the uMidi 1u to send a clock out to my Metropolix. I’ve so far had no success getting clock to send to Metropolix from the uMidi 1u, despite the module being seen by Logic. I’ve gone through the Intellijel app for the uMidi 1u and didn’t see any settings I should change and also tried various settings in Logic Pro X with no success.

Is there perhaps a 1-sheet somewhere that better explain how to get a sync with various DAW’s?

If anyone has any thoughts, I would be very grateful to hear them.


Hey Lee,

Shoot me an email at, we can get this figured out for you!


Will do. Thank you!!!