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Umidi 1U and 7Ucase


Hi, i am new to eurorack and have start to build in 1U row in my new 104 case.

I have bought some modules and one of them is umidi 1U, and there is som connectivity i cant find what it is, yeeee i know What you think hehe

What is this for, same in the case !


The top header is for programming / debugging. The bottom one is reserved for potential future expansion.


Ok, so i dont need to care for this pins, what abought case, is this for the 1U USB ?


On the MIDI board of the case there’s an extra little connector for MIDI out.


How do i use this then


Currently we don’t have any modules that make use of it, but if/when there is a module that generates MIDI, it can be connected there to send MIDI to the MIDI OUT port on the back of the case.