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Umidi 1U and 7Ucase


Hi, i am new to eurorack and have start to build in 1U row in my new 104 case.

I have bought some modules and one of them is umidi 1U, and there is som connectivity i cant find what it is, yeeee i know What you think hehe

What is this for, same in the case !


The top header is for programming / debugging. The bottom one is reserved for potential future expansion.


Ok, so i dont need to care for this pins, what abought case, is this for the 1U USB ?


On the MIDI board of the case there’s an extra little connector for MIDI out.


How do i use this then


Currently we don’t have any modules that make use of it, but if/when there is a module that generates MIDI, it can be connected there to send MIDI to the MIDI OUT port on the back of the case.


I only tried trouble shooting my uMidi 1U once. I connected to a keyboard via the MIDI input. The module lights up during power up, but it didn’t seem to recognize the midi signals. Should I flip the cable of the midi connection? I haven’t seen any guidance of how to connect the module to the input hardware MIDI jacks.


There’s an FAQ entry for the 1U µMIDI on the Intellijel website. You can find it here: https://intellijel.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000404694-How-do-I-connect-my-1U-µMIDI-to-my-case-Do-I-need-the-µMIDI-Jacks-

If you press the LEARN button and play some MIDI notes the µMIDI should automatically switch to the MIDI channel in use.


Thank you. I will try that when I am in front of my module later. I think I didn’t see that white line on the PCB earlier. If it was connected incorrectly, would it damage the module? Maybe these instructions should make it into a manual.


No, it shouldn’t cause any damage to your system.

I thought we had a µMIDI manual, but I noticed that it just shares the 3U manual. The Audio IO 1U manual has a section for connecting it to the jacks on the case, but you’re right, we should have this for the µMIDI too.


I repurposed the unused midi out jack as a midi in jack directly into my expert sleepers FH-2.