Two Atlantis' - One Octave Different

I just picked up my second Intellijel Atlantis, but it seems to be tracking an octave higher than my first one. Here’s a simple sequence - using Tiptop Stackcables to ensure the signals match on both units. They are set to the same simple patch but one is an octave higher than the other.

Any ideas?

They video shows them at the same pitch initially, yet one is set to an octave higher than the other to achieve the match.

Here’s a picture of them when they are at the same pitch - note the one on the left is set to be an octave higher…

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There is an easy fix for this!

On the back of the module towards the bottom edge you can see the names of different trimmers. There is one called VCO_OFFSET and this will allow you to set the base frequency of the primary VCO. Just put the octave switch to 0, the fine knob to 12 O’Clock and then adjust this trimmer to match the frequency of your other atlantis (or use a tuner to set to the base octave you desire).


Many thanks - this did the trick!

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