Turning the 7U Performance Case upside down?

Hey All,

I’ve recently gotten into Eurorack and am working on turning the 7U 84hp Intellijel case into a percussion focused workstation. Just have a quick question about the case itself - I know that it is possible to mount all of the modules “upside-down” so that the 1U row is at the bottom, but is it then additionally possible to reverse the direction of the latches so that they work in the upside down orientation? It seems like the sides can be removed/adjusted but wanted to ask before attempting haha
I am particularly interested in doing this given I’d like to use the Steppy 1U as the primary sequencer and have access to it at the bottom.

I feel obtuse here but I don’t understand. Revere … the latches?

Yeah its hard to explain - I mean reversing them so that the case ramps up properly in the upside down orientation.
—> With the 1U row/handle at the top, the latches allow you to slant it so that the top and the 1U is raised

—> However if I were to have the 1U at the bottom, and orient all modules upside down so that the handle is at the bottom, the latches of course still ramp so that the 1U section and handle are raised. My question is if there is any way to ameliorate that situation by somehow switching sides or something, so that the 1U would be at the bottom of the slant and the non-handle side would be raised?

Ok, I got you - “latches” made me think of the lid. You’re talking about the leg things. Let me look at mine, although I’m not sure it’ll be obvious to me. One sec.

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Yeah, sorry, I’ll leave that for an Intellijel person to weigh in on, I can’t see inside my case easily enough to judge if you can reconfigure it. Sorry!

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Yeah I’m assuming not possible but I just wanted to check on there before losing all hope of that

I had a chat with the case techs because I wasn’t sure. It’s not something that has been tried, so I can’t say for certain that it would work, but it would require drilling 4 holes in the case body because the holes in the case body would not line up with the holes in the end cheeks if you rotated them. Another thing to bear in mind is that you would need to order longer ribbon cables if you wanted to connect anything to the Audio/MIDI jacks to span from the bottom to the top.


Thanks for the reply! This is what I thought would be the case, but its great to have that confirmed! I’ll definitely stick to the intended orientation then

Moving the 1u rails to the bottom however requires drilling only 2 holes…

I moved my 1u rail to the middle and didn’t even drill screw holes; the modules themselves (above and below) seem to do a good job keeping things in place. I’d guess it’s the same for the bottom row.

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Since it sounds like you don’t want to modify the case, just a note that the joiner plates (for two cases) fit in both orientations with no modifications. However, the result is about half as steep as what the internal legs give, and the total foot print on your desk becomes deeper.

Without changing the legs mine sits like this upside down…just bought right angle 1/4" and midi hook ups


Do you have any issues with the angle of the case or the stability of the case with the 1u row at the bottom?