Triple Stack of 7U Cases

Anyone ever done this? 3x 7U cases with joiners between each of them? I debate about the angle of the top case without it being on a tall table and sitting down.

Or has anyone considered 3D printing a variant of the 7U case joiners with less angle for this use case? How about 5? :wink:

I wouldn’t go more than 3, and I think I’d want the upper tier to be angled forward a little further.

I opted to instead put a pair of palettes in front of my dual 7u case.

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I agree with the approach - putting a third 7U case on top will be quite precarious when loaded full of modules. Instead, how about putting a 7U case flat on the table in front of the bottom one?

Lol. Sorry, I had the wrong link in that post. Fixed now.

My issue is that my desk doesn’t have that much front-to-back real estate - I can just fit the size of a single 7U case on joiners, so I can’t put anything in front of it. That picture is insane haha. I guess maybe I just have to give in and start another case beside my existing ones instead. Just not as good ergonomics that way I think.

would love to see a mostly-straight or adjustable case joiner hit the market. i’ve often thought it would be amazing to stack 3x 7U case but don’t have the time/energy/resources to properly make it happen!

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Same here. Cheering for it to happen!

I don’t know that I’d want to reach for another 7u above my top one, but a 4hp one wouldn’t be a bad idea. Straight up or tilted forward just a little.