Trigger Preset Load stops sound... why?


i’m searching how to switch from a preset to another that have same settings just pitch shifts giving other chords.
so i can switch from Xmajor to Xminor or 7 etc…
using the main knob and manually clic when i need the chord works nice.
but i discovered the Trigger : Preset Load in conjunction with “Preset#” in MOD destinations.
but when using the Trigger it sounds like the buffer is cleaned and loaded again with sounds making a huge stop in the sound. When you using main knob load by clicking the knob i don’t get that behavior.

so … my presets are same clock, grid / div, they receive pulse and give taps on those pulse. using Knob load makes it super fluid and we only hear the chords change. But using trigger load makes a stop in sound.

is that normal ? why this design ?

This happens to me too

I actually liked it though, because it works better than ‘clear buffer’ for stopping an out of control sound. I use it to go apeshit on a preset and then do some crazy buildup then hit the button and instantly load back to the original sound.

But i also see your use case. Ive had sound before that i recorded only by building up a buffer in 1 preset and then manually switching to another preset to use that same buffer. Just curious though it would seem for chords you would want the buffer cleared each chord change? Else youll be pitch shifting the already pitch shifted material into uncontrolable chord territory

I wouldnt expect a firmware update though after all the previously dispensed hate on the update process