Triatt and Quadratt Question

I’ve been trying to use my Quadratt as a simple way to turn on and off the v/oct cv from my sequencers to my oscillators. I know a switch should really be used but i don’t have any so this is how I’ve tried it.

In Unipolar mode I’ve assumed perhaps incorrectly that know down will cut off all of the voltage passing through it and fully clockwise would let all the voltage though. The trouble I’ve found is that when running my v/oct this way the notes reaching the DPO from my Metropolis sound slightly flat compared with when run directly.

Can anyone explain what might be going on here?

The Quadratt has reasonably precise voltages but if you are processing pitches you need perfect unity gain (zero attenuation) when the knob is full CW and I don’t think the Quadratt is going to provide that for you.

If the attenuation is off by a few mV you will still notice this with pitch.

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Does your sequencer have a Start/Stop cv input. Perhaps you could use that instead?

I think I’m going to have to look at switches of some kind. I wonder if anyone does inline on/off switches.

I want the sequencer to be running to provide a one note bassline. I need the gates to continue but turn off the pitch v/8

Perhaps you could use a switched multiple?