Transpose Sequence Metropolix and Pressure Points

Hello there!
A couple of months ago, I saw Mylarmelodies on YouTube using a Make Noise Pressure Points to transpose his sequences on Metropolix, and it was really cool. I’d love to be able to do this, so I ordered a Metropolix, and am excitedly awaiting its arrival.
However, I have no idea how this actually works. I’m relatively new to Eurorack. Can any more seasoned synthesists help explain to me how this is done?
I would appreciate it very much.

This one is pretty simple!

Take one of the row outputs from the pressure points and patch it into Aux X Y or Z; then assign the Aux input Root, Pitch Pre, Pitch Post or Pitch Offset on one or both tracks. Changing the output value on Pressure Points will now affect the overall pitch, adjust the attenuators and pressure point to taste :slight_smile:.

Each of those destinations will transpose your sequence in different ways, check the manual for the details on each one.

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Would there be an optimal method to do the same thing using Tete and Tetrapad?

You can setup the Metropolix the same way. Then depending on what mode you are using on the Tete/Tetrapad, you can patch from Notes mode, a Combo strip (Try a Latched Fader set to 1V to transpose up and down 1 octave), or a Voltage output to manually configure different transpositions.