Track with a big stereo, analog Intellijel voice

Thought I’d share my latest track which highlights one of my favourite voice structures using mostly Intellijel modules.
The main arpeggio, is a probability-driven sequence on Frap Tools USTA:

  • PWM waveforms from Dixie2+ and Rubicon2, mixed to mono with Quadratt
  • Envelopes from Quadrax
  • QuadVCA with a bit of boost
  • Left and right 2-pole Lowpass filters from KorgasmatronII. To create the stereo image, I’ve carefully set each filter with slightly different cutoff, Q and envelope responses.
    Mixed in stereo with Frap QSC mixer with sequenced FX send to Eventide H9 Blackhole reverb.

Bassline is Frap Brenso TZFM with Ringmod and wavefolding; with Falistri envelopes; into Xaoc Belgrad.
Modulation for all voices is from Quadrax, Instruō øchd and Xaoc batumi.
Drums performed on Ableton Push2.
Pad is Arturia OB-Xa through Valhalla SuperMassive.

I really love how the KorgasmatronII is so smooth and rubbery and constrasts against and wraps around the growl and grit of Brenso through Belgrad with its Tito cross-modulation.

I can honestly say, the combination of Dixie2+, Rubicon2, Bifold, Quadrax, KorgasmatronII and QuadVCA remove any and all desires I could have for any two VCO analog monosynth on the market.



Sounds great! Thanks for sharing. I felt like the pad tied things together nicely.

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