I accidentally plugged in my 4ms power brick to my tps80w. No the power just flicks on and off as if there is a short. Is there a schematic of this busboard? I’m willing to change a faulty regulator etc, probably easier than shipping from uk to Canada etc, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there,

The TPS80W has not regulators, only switching step down converters and these are all small SMD parts on the underside of the PSU.

What is the 4MS power brick? AC or DC? What voltage?

If the PSU is fried then likely the only course of action is to send it back to us for repair.

Please send an e-mail to to get a support ticket open.

Hi Danjel,

The 4ms brick is ◦15V to 20V DC. Actually looking at it didn’t think it would be enough to fry the board.

Any chance the bus board is actually shorting against something? Is it in one of our 4U metal cases? If so, unscrew it and make sure the plastic spacers are not too thin. One of our assembly people put some ones that were too thin on some 42 and 84hp cases.

The other potential issue is if you are using the wrong size barrel connector. e.g. the Meanwell 90W has 2.5mm and the Meanwell 60W has 2.1mm. They are not compatible with the same DC jack even though they may both fit.

I just made the same mistake. I accidentally plugged in my 4ms power (19V 4.74A) into my 7U case. Now the -12 light on the TPS80W doesn’t come on (but +12 and +5 still do). I’ll open a support ticket.


This is necroposting, but I accidentally did the same (including the same power adapter from 4ms). What did you end up doing with the board? Is it possible to get repaired?