TPS80W, TPS30W availability?

Been searching for these everywhere, can’t find them! Love your power supplies and have a couple cases sitting around I want to get powered, any word on when they’ll be back on the market?

I’m also curious about when new power supplies might be available!
Thank you

Sorry this one got missed somehow! We’re currently working on a redesign of the TPS80W and I believe this will replace both the TPS80W and TPS30W MAX. They should be available in the new year.

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Thanks @ScottMFR!

Good day @ScottMFR
Does the mentioned redesign mean that a near-future wave of Performance Cases will have a significantly (maybe even audibly?) updated power board vs what is currently available through the current dealer stock?

When could we learn specifics of the redesign goals? Looks like the existing boards already have “soft start” buffers…nice.

Thank you!

That’s more of a @Danjel question.

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I was waiting for the TPS’s too.
Post Modular still has 6x TPS30W MAX in stock.

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Great point… can be a delicate matter of when to drop info without impacting what’s out there to a greater degree than what the update justifies.

Panos_Z, other than wanting-the-latest-if-it’s-imminent, have you reflected on (or seen requests for) changes worth waiting out? Or simply waiting for stock of an 80W rated board?

I suppose administrative/ internal/ proprietary reasons could be weighty enough on their own to prompt redesign. And they’re potentially numerous:

  • changes in compliance regs in some region
  • a go-to part’s supply became unpredictable
  • scale efficiencies and simplification had by merging the two models
  • a totally new use case e.g. the floated idea of a monster case, spherical Palettes that hang like disco “ballons”, who knows
  • eliminate 1-on-1 fringe scenario workarounds


Zilvar I’ve done my research about TPS’s a while ago and I just answer to topic’s and forrest’s question.
Also about a month ago I talked with Scott and Danjel from Intellijel about TPS’s,
new and old, I’m somehow informed.
All I say, for someone who can’t wait for the update, is that old TPS’s are great PSUs too and some of them are still available.

I’d like all new TPS, that includes 30W and 80W MAX (28 header) to be available as standalone PSU
I want them to be linear,
I want them with star distribution.
That would be a PSU that I would never change. :stuck_out_tongue:

I ordered two TPS80Ws on Jul 22, 2020 and am still waiting on them. I realise it’s been a very tough couple of years and that the issues are likely entirely out of Intellijel’s hands, but… I would also like the busboards soon. I hope the redesign went well. Any ETA on the new models? Thanks.

Sorry to be a pain, but it would be great to know if the TPS80Ws will become available again soon. If it’s going to be 3+ months, I’d like to find an alternative.

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Any news on when TPS30W Max will be available through Intellijel or in the US? Having a new 4U travel case built and I only want Intellijel power like my other cases.

My TPS80Ws arrived a couple of weeks ago and my case is now up and running. Yes! :smiley: Thanks.