TPS80W Mechanical Drawings?

I’m probably going to put a TPS80w board/PSU into a case I’m building up. However, I couldn’t find any mechanical drawings of it - and, specifically, the mounting hole positions. Are any available? It’d be useful to help plan out spacing/drilling.

Here you go!

TPS80 and TPS30 MAX drill guide copy.pdf (81.3 KB)

Thanks, Danjel, in twenty characters.

Thanks @Danjel for the drill guide!

Yesterday I laser cutted holes in the back of my new case to connect the TPS30 MAX (rev 2) and discovered two extra holes in the drill guide that doesn’t appear on the actual bus board!

I’d like to know the exact distance between the mounting holes (horizontal & vertical). I don’t know how to read it from the drill guide. A dimensional drawing would be great. Thanks!

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You can measure it from the drill guide. I just checked using the ruler / measurement feature in Preview and it looks like 4 cm horizontally and 3.5 cm vertically on the left and rightmost holes.

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