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TPS80W Max 20 header vs 28 header versions


Does anyone know if it’s possible to buy the 28 header version of the TPS80W that’s in the 7U 104 hp cases separately? All I can see for sale are the 20 header versions. I have a custom 7U case specifically sized for a row of Intellijel 1U in the middle that I’d love to buy one for. Otherwise, is it possible to use bus cables to add additional headers? I’m well below the limits, just have a lot of small, low power modules. And if that’s a no, is it possible to power two TPS80Ws from the same power module or does each need a separate power module (e.g. wire them both to the same 1U power tile)?


Sure, just run the - and + from one board’s DC IN screw connectors to the other board’s lugs. - to - and + to +
Be sure the total draw does add up to more than 80% the AC Adapter’s rating.
I have 2 of the boards wired this way, as is mentioned on this website and Danjel instructed me on how to do it as well.

I have no word on the availability of the 28 header boards on their own. I would imagine they’ll be available separately eventually though?


Also, I run several modules on a flying bus cable off of one Intellijel header.
It’s not ideal, as you lose the “star power” distribution for those modules. But out of necessity I like you have more small modules than headers. And then with the 1U stuff eating up headers, ya if you have a bunch of 4hp you’re out of headers before out of case hp.
So I try to run “non-audio modules only” on the flying cables off one header. i.e. modulation sources, sequencers. I have 25 modules in the 84hp 7U case and 1 of them is a big 28hp so it’s not like I’m all 4hp but there is a bunch of them.
I’ve had no issue to detail here, so give it a go.

So yes I’d like to upgrade my 20header boards to the more headers eventually too.

I also try to keep the higher milliamp draw modules on their own header still, even if they are non-audio so they would otherwise be a candidate for the buss cable.
Because it seems good practice to be mindful of how much draw you have daisy-chained on a single header. May not really matter practically, but it can’t hurt to have good habits and better safe than sorry.


Glad to hear I wouldn’t need a separate power module and adapter for each board. I may end up going that route instead. I heard back from another Intellijel employee and was told to reach out to Danjel directly about buying the 28 header version, but I’ve held off for now as I’m still trying to decide if I want to build an even bigger case.

Thanks for the insight on using flying bus cables! It makes sense to only do that for non-audio modules and low draw modules. Right now I’m using 4ms Row Power with flying bus cables and it’s not working out so great. I went with them for the appeal of being able to daisy chain multiple rows and expand in the future, but even with just two rows I’m getting noise issues and I’m not even drawing a lot of power. I could switch to their bus board, but at this point I’d rather go to something that I know will work well like Intellijel’s solution and gain back some of my hp in the 3U sections as well.


I have 3 versions of the Intellijel power boards and they have all been excellent and worth every cent.
A more premium option per header than some of the others but worth it from what I’ve seen of other’s problems with noise and sagging, failure etc.
Sometimes there’s No free lunch, as they say.
It’s well worth something to not have power eat hp too of course.


So I reached out to Danjel and he was a big help. The TPS80W MAX boards might be for sale in the future, but for my situation it was actually better to get two of the TPS30W MAX boards and run them off the same PE-1U module and 90W Meanwell. Provides plenty of headers and although I could use a flying bus to add more, it would not be ideal as already mentioned. Place my order today so hopefully it will all be here in a week! In the meantime, it would be handy to see a diagram of how they need to be set up in parallel. Also do I need to acquire any additional wire in order to make the connections? I’m sure it’s fairly straightforward, but it’s new to me and I’d like to be sure I do it right.


There’s a bit of an installation guide on the page for the TPS80W and the TPS30W would install the same way.

I’m not sure if they ship with the cables or not. I know the power inlet module would have the cable though. I’m sure if you e-mailed support@intellijel.com they would be able to let you know, or if you just make a note in your order through the website they should be able to sort you out.


Thanks, Scott. I sent an email to support. Hopefully I got it in before my order is dispatched. If not, as long as I know what I need to make the connection to the second board I’ll be fine. Could always find the same gauge wire at the hardware store :slight_smile: