TPS30W Max Limits

Hey guys, so I have a 7U 84hp case currently, which I made myself. It’s powered with the Intellijel TPS30W Max, along with the 2.5mm Power Entry with the 90W Meanwell Power Brick.

As is the case with all wigglers, I am… thinking of building a larger case :stuck_out_tongue:
Not too much larger, but thinking 7U 104HP, to go along with my 4U 104HP sampler/drums build.

Now my question is, given then I’m powering the TPS30W Max with the 90W meanwell, is 1500mA really the limit of this busboard, or would it be extended by the larger DC brick?

Asking because that way I could very quickly transfer the TPS30W Max to my larger case, without having to worry about the increased power consumption. I’m aiming for under 2000mA for the new case.

If you guys have any suggestions on this, im all ears! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey guys, still awaiting a reply, thanks!

It wouldn’t matter if you power it with a higher wattage power brick, the TPS30W Max itself is rated for—

+12V output at 1.5A
-12V output at 1.5A
+5V output at 1A

Trying to pull more from it would be risky. If you plan to put 2A on any of the rails, I would upgrade to a TPS80W. It’s not worth the risk to your PSU or Modules.