TPS30 Mini Triple Power Supply

Hello all,

Having trouble finding this item anywhere. I would like to add a couple more power slots to my 7u 2x84hp Intellijel case and this seems to be the most elegant solution. Any tips on some vendors that might still have some stock or if there are plans to release more?

Thank you and I hope this hasn’t come up. I could not find a similar topic in the search.


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Bumping because I’m curious about this too to power a small case possibly. Any word on when these may be available again?

Beep beep. I’d appreciate any insight from Intellijel if there’s any plan for these to return.

Beep beep. Are there plans on producing any of these power supplies again?

Hey Sellanraa,

We were making then for use in our 42hp 4U case but that has been discontinued.

It is unlikely for us to make more of these in the future unless we can get enough pre-orders for them. I would need to build min.100 units.

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Ah ha, ok. Well, count me in for 1 if it ever comes to that! I guess I’ll be pulling it out of my the 4u42 case for a custom small case I’m having built. Thanks for the response! :slight_smile: