Tool for the circular nuts on intellijel modules

Hey All,
What do you recommend for tightening the circular nuts on the intellijel and other panels? They seem to come loose from time to time.
I recall Thonk had a good-looking tool for this purpose, but a search on their site reveals nothing.
Perhaps I have it wrong.
Any ideas on a suitable tool?

You want a “knurled nut driver”.

Pretty sure one like this will work:

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Thanks! Just discovered this beauty too:
There is a version for M6 which I’m guessing is the one I need.
Thanks for the help - there are more options than I thought.

So - don’t use the Wiha driver above. It’s a great tool, but it’s way too big for the nuts on the modules. I’ll try the Xicon option above.

I remember Danjel saying somewhere that they had to modify the ones that they bought for installing the nuts at the shop in order for the tool to work as intended, so there’s that…
Doesn’t sound promising for finding a good one.

Hi Phil;

Mouser part number 382-0006 is the correct tool, as mirth23 suggested.

good luck!

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