TipTop Z-DSP noisy in 7u Performance Rack

Z-DSP is silent in my doepfer rack but has a loud noise floor in my 7u performance rack. any reason that might explain this?

Have had exactly the same experience. Tried another Z-DSP, and different cases. Consistent. Quiet in my Row Power 40-powered skiff.

Wrote both Tip Top and Danjel, and both were helpful and engaged, but there seems to be no obvious cause, and both makers are wondering it the other might be the culprit. I will only observe that I have a few cases, but a lot of modules, and no other module, including MANY dsp-based modules, has exhibited this problem in my Intelljel case.

My solution is to keep the Z-DSP in my small but awesome David Solursh skiff with a Row Power 40 PSU. Sorry I can’t offer more insight.

Strange. And annoying as I wanted to get another intellijel case to bolt on my existing one. This great module is now a problem with these cases.

Yes it’s annoying, and inexplicable.

To be honest, the only Z-DSP card I use is the Halls of Valhalla (which is awesome) so it’s not enough to deter me from the Intellijel cases in any event, and my Solursh hipster skiff workaround has its own charms. Hopefully there’ll be a Rev 2 of the Z-DSP that addresses it - that’s my sense of where the problem is? As I said, all my other DSP-based and analog modules behave as expected: Intellijel’s of course, but also Mutable, Make Noise, 4MS, Strymon, Harvestman, Erica, WMD, Malekko, Harvestman, Synthesis Technology, etc.

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I have had similar issues, also with Z_DSP, what solved it was checking the power consumed by all modules together and see if you are reaching the limits of your power supply, in my case this phenomenon introduced noise. A more powerfull case solved my issues…

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I got my second brand new 7u performance case today. the first module i put in it was the Z_DSP by itself. the noise issue is still ridiculous. looks like the Z-DSP has to go. Shame because I love the Halls of Valhalla card.

It’s not a power limits issue.

I notice they have released a new and improved Z-DSP - amongst the improvements advertised they specifically mention lower noise when interacting with other modules and cases - in the meantime, my original Z-DSP sits in a wooden skiff beside my intellijel case

I havs the new version mounted in a 7u case (recent batch) and there is no noise whatsoever. I will check the power situation when I get a chance, to see how close I am to maxing out the power…