Those blue knobs

I love the light blue knobs on intellijel modules. Any idea where to get them (and what size) in North America?

To my knowledge, I don’t think anyone in NA has them. Your best bet is Thonk in the UK:

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What exper said. I’ve ordered a TON of those (and other stuff) from Thonk and with the cheapest shipping (@ $10) it usually takes 10-14 days (sometimes less) to go from the UK to San Francisco.

I really love how the blue knob caps add a splash of color to a case. I’m looking at Thonk, and I have a couple questions:

  1. Can I just buy the caps, i.e. will my current black caps pop off without damaging the knob?
  2. What Thonk product (size) do I need? It’s kind of hard to figure out from their site, but I think I determined that I need their size large caps for the larger of the two Intellijel knobs.
  3. For color, what’s the “Intellijel Blue”, is it just Thonk’s “Blue”? They also have Bright Aqua that looks similar. (Looking at photos, it looks like it’s Thonk’s plain “Blue”.)

Thank you!!

The knobs and caps are separate parts, so it’s possible to pop off the caps with something thin and sharp like a blade or some tweezers. Then you can replace the caps with whatever colour you like.

To line up the indicator we’ll usually turn the knob fully CW or CCW then align the indicator line with the ridge on the knob. It’s a bit different for multi-position switch knobs like Octave or Filter type though.