The tubes

Hi guys! I noticed that several of the modules have virtual tube emulation. For being such a nice analogue/hybrid company, I was a little disappointed. Would it really kill you guys to have real tubes in things like jellysquasher or springray? I would love to have that, perhaps as an add-on charge. Or, even better, an expander for the current one!

Yes, tubes can be a pain to replace, and no I am not here only to gripe on you guys (you’re the best). If you did have this–it would be expensive, requiring a new panel/layout–would you consider making it so we could change the tubes ourselves? Also, could we have it so we could swap tubes for different voices and stuff?

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Physically, tubes are really big. When you look at Metasonix or the Erica Fusion modules you can see how much real estate they take up. With a module like Springray, if you added a tube, you’d either have to remove a bunch of the features, or add another 6HP at least.

Also, I think Jellysquasher is the only one with virtual tubes as far as I know.

I don’t think an Intellijel module with a tube is off the table. It’s just something that has to be carefully considered and justify the space that it would take up.

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I would love it as an extension that merely overrides the current tube emulation for springray or jellysquasher; 6HP feels like a lovely size for something like that.

but tubes don’t have to be big. I have a 3HP tube module.

I have an Erica Fusion VCO2 that has a tube just for the “tube crunch” effect and does it ever sound fantastic esp when fed from the Rubicon 2 Warp (squished) + uFold, nothing crunchier.

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erica fusion modules are HUGE though!!! I’m talking an expander with a max of 6HP or an updated module itself. Do like the concept of the Erica Fusion line, but its just not intellijel tho.