The Future of the Intellijel Forum

Synth Friends!

Thank you for all the forum posts, questions, answers, and tips over the years. We will be moving the forum to a read-only state around Dec 31st, 2023. We’ll keep it online for 2024, the current plan is to shut it down completely in 2025. You are welcome to export your posts anytime and keep posting until this end date.

Why shut it down?

Intellijel already has a very streamlined and responsive support system, accessible via—send us your feature requests!. The forum was originally conceived as more of a ‘hang out’ for general discussion, sharing ideas, etc. Alas, there are many sites with more robust and lively Intellijel-related discussions, so it makes more sense to point our customers to those, and let our staff do what it does best: design and build new modules/synths; update and improve existing ones; and provide direct service to any customers who reach out to our support team.

Again, thanks for all your posts! We’ll see you around!

You can find us officially at our usual social media channels—

And maybe you’ll see us poking around other forums/message boards—

MODWIGGLER — The one and only

r/modular, r/Synthesizers — Reddit — Lines



But … how else are we supposed to find out about new T-shirts?

Aw, I only showed up here this year, it seemed pretty nice, and I haven’t found many other places I can talk about Cascadia…

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Same :sweat_smile:. Been diving pretty deep into modular and have gotten some good ideas here. But I understand that it’s extra effort to keep a forum running, and the activity is fairly low.

Personally, I find some of those others forums a bit too fast moving for me.

That’s too bad! I hear what you’re saying, Danjel, and I appreciate that there are numerous costs associated with maintaining this, but I do prefer it to the alternatives. Modwiggler is certainly more lively but it’s also not as well-organized, and the threads seem to me to have a great deal more noise in them. I don’t mean that as a criticism of the quality of the discussion over there, but more as a consequence of, like, every thought every user has had about the Metropolix ending up in one mega-thread. Oh well.

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