Tetrapad/Tete Scales

I’m a bit confused about how scales work with Tete. If I set Tete to the major scale, and then turn knob one, to choose the root note C, I’m expecting that every pad I press after that will be a note that falls in the scale of C Major. But that’s not what happens. I press the other pads, and I see notes that aren’t in the scale of C Major (It actually seems as though whenever you press a new pad the root note changes to that pad?) How exactly do you choose a scale, and a root note, and then have it only produce notes that fall within the chosen scale? This is how Metropolix works (choose a scale, and any note played afterwards falls within that scale), so it’s how I expected Tete to work as well.

Is anyone from Intellijel able to help out with this? Just wondering how Tete can be programmed so that if I set the scale as Major, and then make C the root note, any pad I press afterwards will play a note that falls within the scale of C Major. Is this possible?

Sorry for the delayed reply, the best place for a guaranteed support response is support@intellijel.com we have people dedicated to support there. The devs don’t always have time left in the day to get to the forum.

What mode are you in? They all respond to the scale settings differently, all of the details are covered in the manual as well. Each Mode has it’s own Config as well.

  • Combo and Voltages modes will need the output set to Quantized on the appropriate Pad type or Output
  • Notes Mode will need to be “Assign: w/ Scale” before it responds to the scale setting. Root is set with the first encoder, see manual for details.
  • Also keep in mind that Assignments and Voltages in the XYZ Inputs can affect your Root or Pitch Modulation.

Hope that puts you on the right path, you will also need to Tune your oscillators to C when receiving 0 Volts for the pitch to be correct, there is a tuner utilities in Notes Modes to set all the outputs to zero V, see the manual for the Key combo on that one.

Hi, thanks for the reply, and letting me know about the support email.

I’m in notes mode. The issue I’m having is that I put it in “Assign To Scale,” I choose the major scale, I make the root note C, and then I start pressing the pads, and I see notes show up on the display that don’t fall within the scale of C Major. My assumption was after you chose the scale and root note, that anything you played after that would fall into that scale, but this isn’t what I experienced. Is there something I’m not understanding? Should I send an email to support, so they can explain how it works?

I read this section of the manual, but it’s still not clear to me.

I just checked on mine in, (v1.2.4 /

Root set to C (using the encoder to put the little line above the first key on the display, you can also press the bottom left pad zone to show the first/root note). I see no sharps or flats as i move through the scale, looks fine.

When you say you see other notes, what notes? is it chromatic (All notes?) A different scale?

The only thing i can think of is to reset the mode settings, and see if that makes a difference.

If you still have issues, email a video of the issue to support, and include a run down of your Aux assignments, and anything else that may be relevant.


One more thing, when you record a loop, it records the notes from the outputs… if you change the scale/root and play that loop/sequence back, it will be in the scale and root it was recorded in. If you are playing back a loop, it may be snapping back to the scale things were recorded in.

Thanks for the follow up. Last night I spent some time with Tete, and was able to figure it out. Your mentioning that the bottom left pad indicates the root note was really helpful, and led to me better understanding what was going on. I also reset the mode, which seemed to clean things up. Thanks a lot for your help. Much appreciated!

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