Tetrapad Mode Selection

Hi, I got a Tetrapad and I decided to read the manual for once in my life :smiley: However when I try to do the steps suggested to select the various Modes, I don’t get the behavior suggested by the instructions.
"To select different modes on Tetrapad:

  1. Press the white Mode Select button to enter Mode Selection.
  2. Rotate any of the four encoders to select the desired mode.
    The Level LEDs embedded beneath each pad will move up or down the pads."

I don’t see the red lights in a row moving up or down, I only see the dots continuously moving vertically up and down.
I’ve also checked out some videos on YT and even following the steps with the visual aid it was giving me this different behavior.

I can only move the knobs and select a combination of colors to send CV, triggers or activate the pressure in the pads, nothing more.

Is there a sort of calibration I have to do with it?

Thank you

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What firmware are you running and which version of the manual were you reading? There’s been some pretty big changes over its lifespan…

Hey Scott, I’ve never updated the firmware so I’m not sure which one is installed. However when I power the module on for one second is shown the red light at position number 3 in the first pad, which should tell something about the firmware version (according to the manual).
The version of the manual is v1.10_2018.09.13, I found it in the download section of the site.

It sounds like you have version 3 installed, which is the latest version. You should use the version 3 manual in that case.

Awesome! I’ve never noticed the other versions of the manual, since I was getting there from google first result, which was version 1 :slight_smile: Thanks!