Tetrapad Firmware 2.0

We’re pleased to announce the release of Tetrapad Firmware 2.0. The firmware and updated manual are available for download fromm the module page.

This version makes two major changes to Tetrapad’s functionality:

Combo Mode

The faders, switches, LFO, and drum modes have been consolidated into one mode we’re calling “combo mode”. In this mode you can change the function of each individual pad, so you are not stuck with just four faders, etc. Combo mode also adds a new bipolar fader function which outputs both positive and negative values and returns to the middle of the slider when released. The white button click is now used to access to configuration for a mode, and a white button hold is used to access the mode menu.

The individual versions of these modes have been removed as they’re not really necessary any more. The other modes have been shifted around a bit in the mode menu.

Mode Presets

Each mode can now save up to 12 configurations / presets, in addition to the currently used configuration being autosaved. If you want to just continue using Tetrapad as you have before, then you don’t need to do anything. But if you want to store different setups of a mode, eg: different scales / chords in keyboard mode, or different layouts for combo mode, you can now save and load those from the mode select menu.

In the mode select menu, use the either of the two left encoders to select mode as before. Use either of the right encoders to select the preset slot. Click the 3rd encoder (with the green LED below) to load from that slot, or the 4th encoder (with the red LED below) to save to that slot.


Great update, but sad to see you didn’t implement the stored voltage idea in the switches mode. Would be so easy to do given the unused encoder.

If you recall the idea was to be able to set the voltage value that was switched on so you could have any value up to 5V, not just 5V.

This way you could easily use to say add 1V or less than to shift a sequence a 5th or an octave. Things like that.

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You can do this already in custom keyboard mode.

Sorry, that one slipped off the radar for this update. I will make sure there’s a note to do it for the next one!

Here’s a quick video demo of the new features: https://youtu.be/SFOrSsvF4-g

This video walkthrough should be helpful for existing Tetrapad owners getting used to the new firmware: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ve_6WrcZyTs