Tetrapad Availability 2022

Hey guys,

Awaiting some info on availability of Tetrapads? I have to order allll the way from India, so really have to plan as much as possible (and buy modules in batches, since delivery kills me otherwise).

I’ve been waiting on these quite a while now, and unfortunately I’ve kinda designed for them to be the heart of my modular setup. People on reverb are selling them for crazy expensive too :stuck_out_tongue:



I’d also like to know if there’s a batch coming.

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I would also like to know. I preordered this from Sweetwater about a year and a half ago and I’m still waiting. Thanks!

We finally got some long-lost chips needed for Tetrapads a couple of weeks ago and are busy finishing off the builds. We should have stock very very soon.

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Hey there. Any updates on these? Thanks.

what’s the best way to get in on this batch? pre-order at one of the big modular shops?

Any update on this? I know availability is unpredictable these days; just wondering if there was a run that I missed (or if it’s still incoming).

Nightlife has stock right now.

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All dealer backorders have been filled or are in process of being filled/shipped.

Hi Danjel! Does this include sweetwater? I’ve had my preorder for about 4 months or so, my rep made it sound like I had missed out on a small recent batch and it would be quite a while before they got more.

Has anyone else noticed a major delay before US retailers sell items manufactured other countries? Nightlife Electronics in Vancouver often is selling recently stocked Intellijel products weeks or even months before retailers like Perfect Circuit in California. I blame US customs, but I don’t get why it takes so long. I noticed this with European manufacturers as well.

I actually canceled a US preorder for Quadrax a few months ago and imported it from Canada instead, because I was so tired of waiting. I am tempted to do this with Tetrapad too but I’m trying to be patient this time.

Yep, I canceled my sweetwater preorder because they popped up at juno.uk and last time I saw them pop up I held fast assuming my pre-order was to be fulfilled soon. Now my order has been stuck in DHL limbo for over a week and meanwhile they’re popping up all over US retailers now, guess I should have been more patient :frowning:

Chiming-in - my Tetrapad just got fulfilled by Perfect Circuit, and they are showing as in-stock now if anyone is still looking:

Tetrapad Touchpad Controller - Perfect Circuit

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