Tetrapad 3.0 — Get ready for Tête!

FEATURE: Support for Tête! When connected to the Tête please refer to the Tête manual as Tetrapad functionality differs.*
FEATURE: Better Rainbow in Settings mode. :slight_smile:
FEATURE: Tuning Mode to Added to Keyboard and Chord Modes, SHIFT-CONFIG (RED+WHITE) to Toggle. Outputs C0 (0V) on all pitch outputs, and high gates on the TRIG/GATE outputs
BUGFIX: Easier to touch the extreme ends of the pads/voltage range.

Download: https://intellijel.com/support/

*Tete Manual will be release with Tête, soon.


Hello !
There’s no firmware at all ( blank entry ) in the updater …
The rainmaker one is here ( and done ) so that compensates :wink:

Doh, Looks like a glitch in the Windows Updater. It’s working on Mac. We’ll have to fix on the windows machine at the office on monday.

Thanks for the heads up.

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Ok, no problem !
I feared a “local” issue :sweat_smile:

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Fixed for Windows (Mac was fine)



Some great new info here https://www.instagram.com/p/B5jBTJZBXaW/?igshid=1jam8v

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Dear Intellijel,

My apology if this has already been answered in the forum or written in the manual, but I have a request/question related to Tete and Tetrapad. Would anybody please give me a clue?

In Combo Mode, I think it’ll be awesome if we have an option to select one of four functions (or, four sets of outputs), and use the entire area of all four pads. That is, I’d like to have the expansive layout of the note mode (entire four pads divided into either 8, 12, or 16 keys to press) in the combo mode, run a looper using the first fader with output 1 & 2, then move on the second fader with output 3 & 4 and make another looper… so on. My goal is to run four independent loopers running to play four different sound sources simultaneously. Even though this is totally achievable by setting each pad as either unipolar or bipolar fader and quantize it, we’re now limited to movements over only one pad, which is sometimes not as easy to perform. Do I make my point clear?

Thank you Intellijel team for such a wonderful module, I’m sure this will be a game changer for me. Can’t wait to see how this will get even better!

Sorry, one more thing:

In Combo Mode, we cannot set a different loop length with for each four pad; We’re kind of stuck with whatever the length we set with the first looper for the first pad–is this correct? I think it’ll be really powerful if we can set different loop length for each of four pads.

Thanks again!

The Tete operates on a single Looper / Sequencer. In combo mode, all pads are captured on separate tracks to the same timeline.

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