Tête's Clock Output and PPQN

I hope I’m not overlooking something obvious here. Is it possible to configure Tête to have more than just one pulse per quarter note, particularly with the clock output?

I’d love to use Tête as a master clock, controlling other sequencers with an output of 24 ppqn. As far as I understand, the clock multiply/divide features affects how the Tête interprets the clock for slowing/speeding up playback. It doesn’t actually affect the rate of the pulses on the clock output.

Is there any way to configure the clock output so that it outputs with a higher resolution than one pulse per quarter note? If not, is it possible that this might become a feature someday? Thank you for any assistance.

I take the silence as an indication that there’s no way to currently do this. As such I’d like to propose this as a feature request for a future firmware version. Having a higher-resolution clock output would make Tete much more useful in the capacity of a master clock.

Right Now it outputs pulses (16th’s compared the the BPM on the screen), not any sort of multiplied clock. We’ll add this to the feature request list. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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Wonderful, thank you. This feature would make my month.

I can’t remember if this has been discussed already, but the option to set unique clock divisions/multiplications for the SYNC, A and B outputs would be really helpful and powerful.

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I completely agree. I think the Tete would be a splendid replacement for Pamela’s New Workout as my system’s master clock, and these features would nail it.

Expanding on this, it would be great if Tete could translate 24ppqn down to 1/16ths. I have a mmmMidi which only outputs 24ppqn and dividing that down is super difficult.

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+1 on the 24ppqn compatibility, that would be awesome! I was hoping to be able to use it directly with the DinSnyc out from my Analog rytm. Do you think this is something that is going to be part of the firmware soon?
I am desperatly waiting fo a Metropolix in Europe but there seems to be big trouble with electronics supply chain managment because of covid, so i picked up a used tete+tetrapad combo hoping to partially replace the Metropolix until it arrives. It would be entirely perfect if i didn´t need an additional clock divider to use it in my rack.

+1, it would also be awesome to be able to DIVIDE sync, A and B’s pulse rate to be able to clock different things. Any chance this would happen one day ?

When I have Pam at 90 bpm, I send clock to Tete, and Tete shows 22.4 bpm. I tried changing Pams PPQ, but Tete’s bpm never changed. I’m guessing having the bpms match isn’t possible?