Tete Voltage Mode: Bank CV Problem

Hi, I am trying to use the Bank CV input to select banks in voltage mode but however I try I am getting inconsistent bank selection…

I am using an XOR electronics Nerdseq to output CV values and triggers on a sequencer track and use these in the Trig and X inputs to control bank selection. If I use small CV values and select between 2 adjacent banks then it works fine, but if I use larger CV values and try to select between banks 1 and 8, or 1 and 16 for example, the Tete frequently selects other random banks. It only selects the correct banks around 50% of the time and sporadically chooses banks inbetween.

The CV and triggers that the Nerdseq is putting out are consistent and test well on other devices so that doesn’t seem to be the problem.

I have tried using different length triggers, longer gates and delayed triggers but it makes no difference.
I have tried the different option for Bank CV selection: Normal, (CLK) (Trig), and only the (Trig) option comes close to selecting the correct bank.

This happens if I select banks at fast or slow speeds.

It’s like there is some kind of slew in selecting the banks, or the sample and hold of the (CLK) or (Trig) options isn’t working properly. I don’t have any slew applied from the Tetrapad and there is no slew/glide or other factor from the Nerdseq that is causing incorrect CV values or Triggers.

I have tried internal and external clock, and I don’t have any sequence or looper information recorded or playing - just simply tryint to select banks consistently with CV.

The issue is the same on version 1 and 1.1.01 of the tete firmware (with appropriate Tetrapad firmware too).

Any ideas if there are settings I can tweak to improve this (bad) performance, or is it a limitation of the Bank CV functions?


I’ll have to do some tests to see if I can replicate this behaviour, but I know with some third party sequencers and other modules it’s necessary to add gate delay compensation because of the timing difference between when the gate is sent and when the pitch stabilizes. This could be playing a role here.