Tete v1.1.0.1 — Voltage Banks for Combo Mode

Thank you for taking it into consideration and for taking the time to explain !


Hi…Could you expand on this one though? Not sure I understand, but I’m experimenting with using the Tete as my master transport: “NEW: The Global Setup Menu has a new Late Comp toggle for enabling/disabling Play/Record Compensation. It can be useful to turn this off when Tête is used as the master transport control in your system.

Covered on Page 116 in the manual

Late Comp.: (On, Off)
When clocking Tête externally, turning ON Late Compensation allows Tête to handle any
incoming variations in externally arriving signals, keeping everything perfectly synced.
However, if you’re running Tête from its internal clock, but driving external modules from it, you
may achieve even tighter synchronization by turning OFF the Late Compensation setting.