Tetë+Tetrapad as a scene animator/controller

I really love Tetë+Tetrapad. I’d say the one feature that drove me to buy it was the Euclidean pattern generator with quantized pitches in Combo mode. My main sequencer is a Frap Tools USTA, and I really felt that Tetê would compliment it well.
But for the last few weeks, and several recordings later - I am finding that my favourite use of Tetê doesn’t even really make use of the sequencing at all… I’ve been using it as a live scene animator or preset controller.
Set in Voltages mode, I use one output to self patch to the X CV input to regulate the slew from one bank to the next. Then the remaining 7 outputs I am patching to alter base filter cutoffs, wavefolders and waveshapers, effects send levels, VCO FM amounts, LFO frequencies, and into VCAs to alter the amount of modulation applied to anything from mixer panning. It’s like having eight hands at once.
And if the voltage to X (Slew) is set high, pressing the next pad will gently slide all of the voltages to its bank settings.
I do all of my beats on a Push2 in clips - so recording my live studio performances becomes like being an orchestra conductor with Push 2, Tetê and USTA - leaving my hands free to make creative adjustments.
Here is the latest recording which really emphasizes how Voltages mode can create drastic and evolving changes across multiple voices. The self-patch for slew adjustment is a magic touch!
Thanks Intellijel!


Nice work! Really enjoyed the contrasting transitions in this one.

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