Tete - Looper not working

Hey everyone - having a hard time getting the looper on my Tete to work as expected. Aiming to be able to record a basic 16 step loop; however the recording action doesn’t seem to be triggered. I’ve tried pretty much every variation of settings I can think of but don’t seem to be having much success. At no point can i get the bar at the bottom to display the checked graphic to say recording is active.

I have the Play and Record buttons pulsing as the manual suggests and the screen shows “Record Pad”, however touching the pads doesn’t triggered the recording to begin. Neither does trying to use the clock pulses to start the recording.


  • Combo Mode
  • Internal Clock
  • Pads set to Loop
  • Looper Sync = Clock
  • Looper Length = 16
  • Record Wait = Touch
  • Post-Record = Touch
  • Clock button is coloured Yellow (/Orange)

All suggestions welcome!

Hiya, having similar issues, I can record when record wait = touch and looper sync set to = off, but not ideal.

Did you resolve?

many thanks!

Hey Tom, sorry for the late reply!

Nah haven’t managed to fix this yet. Am on the fence of selling the module as this is kinda the main reason why I got it - but I think I’ll still give it another shot to try and get the module to work as expected… May have to cross the UK to visit a synth shop which could help - but am determined to get this fixed!

please contact support@intellijel.com for help

also try clearing the loop after changing your sync settings (hold record)

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Thanks Wes for the reply! I think clearing the loop seems to have solved my issue!!
Seems to be looping pretty well atm - so stoked about that.

Still need to play around a bit to get comfortable with all the looping parameters but think it broadly makes sense now :smiley: