Tête Livestream/Release! — Dec 12, 2pm PST

The Tête is $299, dealer orders are coming in and we are shipping to dealers as of today.

I’ll be doing a Live stream on YouTube next week Thursday, Dec. 12 for the Launch. The final time for the stream will be announced here and on our YouTube Page: https://www.youtube.com/user/intellijel.

We will also launch the Webpage and Manual on the 12th to coincide with the live stream.

$299, Shipping to dealers today. Launch, Live Stream and Manual will be live on Dec 12, 2019.

Update: It Happened!


If you have any questions or things you’d like to see covered in the stream, please post them in this thread!


I’d be interested to see Tête/Tetrapad sequencing one or more Plonks in a glitch/IDM style.

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Here’s the Stream Setup—


Would it be possible to show Tête/Tetrapad sequencing Quadrax as a polyphonic oscillator?

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Was doing this the other day and with self patching, didn’t need any other modules! So… Yep, I can patch that up on the stream. :slightly_smiling_face:


We launched the Site/Manual early :slight_smile:


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Thanks for the early launch of the Manual!

I’m not sure if this was covered somewhere, but didn’t see it: Can the Tete internal clock rate be voltage controlled?

It can be externally clocked, with a triggers/gates (square wave)

Edit: It can not be set with a CV level (like a constant DC voltage), but you could get that effect if you FM a square wave into it.

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In combo mode is there a way to have loops of different length for each pad? Wiggle a fader and have that loop, give another fader a longer wiggle and have that loop, etc, without having to manually repeat the motion of the shorter loop to fill the space of the longer loop, if you get what I mean.

YAYYYYY! It’s finally here!

No, all the columns will loop at the same length, seeing how the looper works will make this a little more clear.

I’ll mention this in the stream too.

It would be really cool to be able to loop them all independently but I think Tete is going to be a gamechanger for my system regardless. The number of times I’ve noodled out a melody on notes mode or wiggled a fader and wished I could automate it…

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Missed your requests heheh, went a bit over on time, we’ll address them in more upcoming videos

It’s not a problem. A lot was covered already. Thank you!

I’ve added some rough chapter markers to the stream in the video description so you can navigate it more easily.

Incredible work here. I’m very very excited to get a Tetrapad + Tete now.

I might be dreaming a bit too big here, but it would be amazing if the scope of Combo Mode’s functions were widened – e.g., so we could dedicate the first 2 columns to 8 zones/banks of stored voltages (or to an 8-key keyboard), and dedicate the last 2 columns to Combo functions (faders, LFOs, Euclidean, etc.). (Or, hell, why not dedicate half of the pads to Voltages and the other half to Notes?) Since the impact of the assignable CV inputs can be contained to individual pads in Combo mode, it should then be possible to use all the standard Notes- or Voltages-relevant CV input functions (e.g., Bank CV) on the pads that are assigned to a Notes or Voltages mode.

I think this would be especially nice for Voltages mode, because it doesn’t utilize Tetrapad’s full potential for expressive (i.e., positional or pressure-scaled) gestural control. I hate to bring up “competition”, but if there’s anything Pressure Points has on Tetrapad, it’s that you get both “bank selection” of stored voltages AND pressure-scaled CV outputs in the same touch interface. If Tetrapad’s Combo Mode could get this “combinatorial upgrade” it would fully address this USP.

It would also be nice (but less of a game-changer than the above) if it were possible to extend the Scale Library with .scl files stored on the microSD and lend microtuning capabilities to Tetrapad & Tete.