Tête - Euclidean mode - feature request

A suggested feature for the vertical position on the Tetrapad pads when in Combo mode and a pad is set to Euclidean functionality. Instead of having the vertical position of the pad sending out CV from the right jack of the pad channel. What if you could break the vertical position into 2, 3, 4 or more sections and each section would fire off a ratchet to the left channel output? You could have different ratchet pattern settings in Tete but then you could assign a different ratchet type to each section/zone of the pad. This would be especially useful if the have the pads locked by pressing the channel encoder and then you could just press different area of the pad to get different ratchets. And perhaps you could take it a step further by applying pressure as well to the equation and maybe that could speed up the ratchet for that section of the pad (if that would work). I was just messing with Euclidean mode the other day (which I love by the way) and thought I really wanted to be able to add some fills and/or variation and the pads seem like a perfect interface for making ratchets expressive.