Tete — Bug fixes (Updated from

Here’s the fixes (no need to update Tetrapad)—

  • Fixed Voltage Mode 1ms ghost trig from previous cell on gate-style outputs.
  • Fixed Sequencer Position CV Out was off by a step.
  • Fixed RUN and RUN+REC CV output option in Combo Mode.
Win: https://intellijel.com/downloads/firmware/Intellijel_Firmware_Updater_Windows_2021-09-07.zip
Mac: https://intellijel.com/downloads/firmware/Intellijel_Firmware_Updater_macOS_2021-09-07.zip


Fixed an issue created with the last update and one other bug.

  • Fixed regression ( in sequencer position CV out.
  • Fixed toggling clock UI resetting clock phase unexpectedly, only happens while tapping in the tempo.

Links updated above.


Updated to

  • Fixed RUN and RUN+REC CV output option in Combo Mode.

so do we need to update this firmware one more time then? just did mine maybe a week ago or so

This was just released, yes.

Sorry about the rapid fire releases on this one. Should be good to go now.

okay, no worries! just wanted to make sure. I appreciate you guys resolving them

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@slowwild - A request for a minor addition to Tetê…
When using it with Ableton as the central clock via MIDI 1U, both Run and Reset are needed to get Tetê to follow Ableton’s workflow. When you press play on Ableton, it is efffectively resetting to the beginning of the composition and playing. To have Tetê start at zero and follow along, one needs to mult the TRIG (set to Run) and RESET (Reset) jacks to the RST output on MIDI 1U.
I would like to request that an option is added to the CV menu for the RESET jack called Reset+Run - which would do a reset of the looper/sequencer with positive voltage as well as running the sequence. It would save me a cable, and free up the TRIG jack for more creative things.

I’ll check into it, our usual behaviour for RUN is to reset position when the gate is high. Will see if that was intentionally split or an oversight/bug.


no. you’re right. I powered up my system today, remove the RESET cable, and RUN does reset the sequence in both Combo and Notes mode.
Not sure why it wasn’t doing a reset yesterday, prompting me to mult that cable.
(maybe I’m just losing it)
On another note - is there any reason why Run is not available in the options for the RESET jack?
I’m all good though - Run is going to the TRIG jack, and my RESET jack is set to Mod Trig.

Yes, it’s complicated. :stuck_out_tongue:

I did find bug when resetting the Looper in particular, but only when Looper Sync was Off. I will release a bug fix next week probably

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