Tête + Tetrapad — Big sync upgrades, new features in Combo and Voltages modes!

The long awaited Tete + Tetrapad update!

Here’s the details—


  • Note: Existing settings and presets should transfer over, but backup the TETE folder on your SD card just in case. Ensure the SD card is seated correctly back in the unit before doing the update.
  • General/Global
    • Major scale is now the default, Chromatic moved to be inline with Scales/Metropolix
    • Finer control on Slew in all modes; previously 6-14 discrete settings.
    • Clock/Gate LEDs are now Amber colour (and dimmer) to match our Line up going forward.
    • Marker in the top-right corner when settings are to be saved. As before, the Looper/Sequencer must be stopped for state to save.
    • UI handling improvements. Pressing a button will open that screen, no need to exit the previous, like Metropolix.
    • GUI/Menu improvements.
    • Other minor bug fixes/text updates.
  • Clock/Transport
    • New upgraded clock core based on the rock solid Metropolix.
    • Internal/External toggle moved to Setup menu to reduce accidental toggling.
    • Updated tap tempo code from Metropolix.
    • Added external clock divider to Global Setup.
    • New Reset/Run handling. Run is only available on the Trig input, and Reset is only available on the Reset Input. Both are still re-assignable, but those jacks can no longer can be assigned to nothing.
    • Removed Late Compensation "feature", resolving many timing issues.
  • Looper
    • New Clock Synced Loopy!
    • Change to Loopy Length adjusting; it now uses encoder acceleration to accommodate large adjustments and fine tuning.
    • New Looper Sync modes: Reset, Trig, Clock.
      • Clock: Locks Looper Actions to a X number of clock pulses. (Original Mode)
      • Reset: Quantizes Looper Actions to a Reset pulse. (Least hassle, tightest timing.)
      • Trig: Quantizes Looper Actions to X of pulses on a Jack assigned to Looper Trig.
    • Tweaks to "Record on Touch" when also synced; previously, you needed to be touching a pad when the sync pulse trigger fired, but now, you can touch at any point before the sync pulse to trigger recording on the sync pulse.
    • Much tighter clock syncing.
  • Step Sequencer
    • Fixed Swing issues
    • Increase Clock Divisions from /4 to /16
  • Voltages Mode
    • New: Voltages Mode Bank Reset Option: "Off", "First", "Touched". (will reset to last touched pad)
    • New: Gate style output, you can set the gate length with the Encoders.
    • New: shows the Target Pitch on the screen when Output is quantized.
    • New: Per output slew option.
  • Combo Mode
    • Fixed Pressure issues when pad was Voltages Pad.
    • New "LFO Reset" Options: No/Reset/Looper.
    • New "Euclid Reset" Options: No/Reset/Looper.
    • Fixed Euclidean pad issue where latched pads would reset when touched.
    • Added CV assignment for VBank, to modulate bank on Voltage Pads.
  • Notes Mode
    • Minor bug fixes.


Note: Recommended update for both standalone and Tête users.

  • Clock/Gate LEDs are now Amber colour (and dimmer) to match our lineup going forward.
  • Fix for -5V settings outputting uncalibrated voltage.
  • Perform a Factory Reset when holding ENC 1+4 on boot.

Mac: https://intellijel.com/downloads/firmware/Intellijel_Firmware_Updater_macOS_2021-07-29.zip
Win: https://intellijel.com/downloads/firmware/Intellijel_Firmware_Updater_Windows_2021-07-29.zip

Updated manual available at Support - intellijel


Manuals don’t seem to be there yet. Thank you for the updates!!!


Yeah was posted to social media a little prematurely, Manuals will be updated this afternoon.

Manuals Posted!


You guys are Busyyyyyyyyy😍 keep up the great work !!


Sorry to be really stupid, but I’m trying to read the manual on my iPhone!

Where can I find the procedure for updating the Tete firmware?


it should be in the firmware update software. Run it and select your module.There is an instructions tab

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thank you very much for this!!

@slowwild - Thanks for implementing the gates in Voltages mode. In practice, it is even greater and more useful than I thought it would be.
Loopy synced is AWESOME!!!

Great to hear. I wasn’t quite sure how it would work when i started on it, but was really happy with it when it was done!

With the phrase-synced looper, you can get some really cool but unquantized rhythms; very organic. Plays nicely along side other more rigid type sequencers

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I just did a live track making use of the new Voltages mode and recording with synced loopy.
The first two synth voices are sequenced on USTA, and when you hear the Tête loopy sequence kick in (3:30), it feels so organic. each note (bank) has its own playing dynamics (Cš-L wavefolder, filter cutoff start point) and separate gates for filter envelope and VCA. (pardon me for not using Dixie2+/Rubicon2/Bifold on this track :wink: )

One thing - I wish I could overwrite the Loopy segment from scratch with the press of a pad… like “overwrite” vs. “overdub”. Then I could change the phrasing live without skipping a beat. Any ideas how to “new pattern” on the fly?

This is an awesome update, many thanks to Intellijel team!
I believe this is something brought up by several people in the past, but I want to do so again since they’re on my wish list for a while… Everything I mention here is about ‘Combo Mode: Euclidean’:

1: An option to put selected root note at the bottom of a pad (right it’s either C or C# no matter which key you choose)
2: When you increase the octave value, Tete divides a pad into several octaves, but it’ll be handy to show one octave at a time, just moving up or down to a different octave range (there’re several modules in the market to enable this so it might not be such an impending request)

Thanks again for keep improving this amazing module.

@slowwild -
Hey Wes. One thing I noticed. If I have a Voltages channel set to gate, and the gate is, for example 0.01s, if I record the same bank in the step sequencer several times it will only trigger once, and never again. Same if there is no sequence playing - pressing a new bank will trigger the gate, but pressing again will not retrigger it.
Any way we can get a “retrig” option? I would assume unless one sets the bank gate to HOLD, they would always want it to retrigger and playout for the duration of the gate. If a new bank is struck, then the gate would retrigger regardless of the gate duration of the previously played bank - unless HOLD is set, then it would not retrigger, just continue. make sense? :slight_smile:
I’m playing around with using Tête like a 4 track sequencer. 4 pitches and 4 gates into a swath of VCOs and LPGs. Incredibly fun! Even better with CV from Planar2 into X and Y doing cartesian bank shifts and triggering loopy. complete madness.

Here is a demo of the Tête Voltages quad sequencer in action.

Patch notes:
The channels are set up as four pairs of pitch CV and gates feeding four entirely separate synth voices. The sequence is a straight line of 12 banks in succession, but using X and Y CV inputs fed from Planar 2 XY joystick and the Loopy repeater makes for some musical stuttering and randomness.

If anyone didn’t take Tête+Tetrapad seriously as a sequencing powerhouse before, they should seriously reconsider. I am very happy to see this new level of functionalty.


The Looper was built in the Mindset of an audio looper, but of course the interactions are different, since we can detect when you’re touching (i.e.) changing the input. I don’t have a super good answer for that one aside from riding the encoder between erase and overdub. I will add this to the wishlist and think on it for a bit. I’m not sure the UI can’t take much more weight on it. But thanks for the comments, and cool tracks!

1: I will add to the wishlist.
2: I’m not sure where we could even squeeze this into the current UI, Right now you could use an external 1V stepped voltage source (Triatt through Scales for example) into one of the Aux Inputs assigned to offset. I will add to wishlist.

As usually, no guarantees of implementation of these, but next time we are mining for ideas we’ll review them.

I think this just might be a case of the LEDs not updating fast enough. The LEDs run on a slower update cycle than the outputs; this is to ensure the priority timing for the outputs. So it’s possible that very short Gates will not be visible on the LEDs.

I’ve tested here, and see the gates are always firing but the LED sometimes misses.

As a Test, listen to the gate (trigger a voice) at 0.01, you’ll see that it’s still triggering even if the LED doesn’t blink. Now try changing the speed to 0.03 and you’ll see that the LED fires every time.

With all that said, I’ll file a bug report to lengthen the minimum LED trigger timing so that all gates are reflected. It’s probably a bit annoying, but you can be sure that the gates are firing, even if the LED doesn’t.

do you have any insight as to why my mac is giving me this message? i had the firware updater installed before but reinstalled it and now this is what message pops up when i try to open it ):

eh sorry i figured it out…

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Hello, I don’t know if this is the right thread to ask but: In combo mode I’m having trouble getting things to start recording. I have everything set up the way I want it, it says “record pad”, I hit record and play both of which turn solid red and green, but then nothing happens when I start touching the pads. I’m following the original video posted and can’t figure out where I’ve gone wrong.

In the setup menu:
Clock: internal
Looper Sync: clock
Loop Length: 16
Record wait: off
Post record: play
Loopy sync: on

I don’t have any trouble in the other modes.

Any idea? Thanks!