Tangrams — Dual ADSR/VCA with Cycling Gate Pulsers

A huge upgrade to our Dual ADSR, we added dual VCAs and a cycling digital pulser with configurable on and off times, with both states assignable to either ADSR!

Available now!

Video coming soon!


What goes behind deciding that the output is 8V? I never understood why 8V envelopes are chosen when most inputs these days are either 5 or 10 to get the full range. So then you have to either boost the 8V up to 10V or attenuate it down to 5V. This is one of my biggest pet peeves in eurorack.

This is also inconsistent with your other modules like Quadrax or Tetrapad/Tete that output in the 5V/10V range. Is there something I’m missing with the benefits of doing 8V?

@slowwild any tweaks or changes to the envelope curves over the Dual ADSR? I’ve always found it finicky to dial in just a tiny amount of attack on the Dual ADSR to get those flute-like sounds.

Maybe the attack stage is linear where I’m wanting it slightly exponential. Just curious as the Tangrams might be a good upgrade for me if there were some tweaks to the curves.