We are long overdue for a new batch (or several) of t-shirts.

We have a great local supplier now and I would like to get some new designs done asap.

Are there any requests from our users?

color? style? logo or graphics you would love to sport?

I plan to do these with silkscreen (so only a few colors total) and predominantly on black or black heather high quality bella + canvas brand shirts. Would also consider doing some long sleeves.

Your input is highly appreciated!


I like the shirts with katakana but why do they say Intelligent Jelly?
Intelligent インテリジェント Jelly ゼリー

I guess it’s cool if that’s what you intended :slight_smile:

black on black with red?


Since the word “intellijel” is gibberish there was no way to translate into Japanese. “Intelligent jelly” seemed to to be the closest and most fun option :slight_smile:


Interijeru would be the closest you could get in katakana.

I like that design but think it would be cool to have one that’s all black, like the case bags.

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Yes, black with dark gray text would be great. I’d personally like more minimal designs.


Honestly, the simpler the better. I’d very happily rock a simple robot logo shirt, with not too large a design. Either centered or over the heart.


I also initially read “black heather” as “black leather”, which would also be cool :laughing:

Maybe a black short sleeve polo shirt, like an IZOD, but with the robot instead of the aligator?

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jk, but not really.

I’ll get these for our next trade show:


I like the robot with a heart logo, black on black (like jwm design), with red heart. No words, logo not oversized

Also a Rainmaker specific design id be all over.

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I was thinking a shirt with the buttons and controls of the rainmaker as a outline, with “warning” above it and “do not antagonize drummers!” Beneath as a fun little tribute to the manual. I would buy that.

A zero scope shirt would be cool, especially as a custom type thing. Non custom version would include one of just a few designs: one waveform, two on top of each other, each one offset so not superimposed, but rather stacked, and an xy view. If you didn’t want to go completely custom, give people a total of like, five waveforms to choose from (or multiple combos). It would obviously be all black.

A funny addition would be a T? On the back up by the neck. I will upload concept images soon.

A couple of simple, more stealth color designs.


Gotta say I like these more minimal designs… always wanted to rock an IJ shirt but the past designs haven’t really appealed to me. The simple robot logo is nice. I’m not opposed to some color, personally, but the stealth look is good, too. I like the logo over the full robot but I feel like the crossbones/logo relationship needs tweaking, perhaps?


What about ladies shirts? I’m trying to get my gf into this kind of stuff, and she is on the fence but intrigued. I would love to get her a tank top or something to match me.

As you could imagine, I effin love the robot skull/crossbones shirt, especially long sleeve.
I love all the grey and black and a big fan of black on black and add myself to the “minimal is better” camp.

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Any new or repressed t-shirts coming down the pipe anytime soon? :slight_smile: