Synthplex 2019

We’re super excited to have a few new things* to show off in a near-final-but-still-prototype state at Synthplex this year.

More details here:

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*Yes, one of them is the Tetrapad Expander :slight_smile:.


Is the expander near final ? Or ready for release?

It’s very close! We are excited to demonstrate all of the capabilities this enables :slight_smile:

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Man those Palette cases seem like precisely what I needed.


More details in a few hours!

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i am excited to see the tetrapad expander.

the palette case looks great.

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Seeing the all the stuff they’ve teased so far is leaving me less optimistic for new 1U offerings.

Those Palettes are pretty sleek though.

No new 1U at this show, but we have some more 1U stuff planned for this year. :slight_smile:


I actually have new 1U done but Metalphoto never delivered the panels in time :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

First new one is a stereo out 1U. We’ll have a bunch more soon to go with these smaller 1U cases.


Right on!

Very excited to see what you have cooking!

Apologies for being an anal-retentive industrial design nerd, but with the palette case, did you ever consider extending the case a few mm beyond the bottom rail lip? That way, the corresponding cheek corners could be rounded at the same radius as the other corners. It would allow that part of the case to appear a little more balanced with the .5U “row” as well.

The bottom rail actually sits over the edge of the case metal, structurally this is much more secure, and aligns with the design of our performance cases. The top edge folds over to house the power supply so that the floor of the case is free for deeper modules; the back of the case has no jacks or switches to allow it to be bumped up to anything else on your desk.

We’ve considered many designs and iterations for this case, this one gives a low profile and a ton of bonuses on the top “.5u” section.

“Form” in design is as much about usability and structure as it is about appearance. We think this is a great balance of both. Desktop space is limited, and this case is only as big as it needs to be. :slight_smile:

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Some threads elsewhere on new stuff From Synthplex—

Tête (Tetrapad Expander):
62hp/4u Palette Cases:

It’s a very good design, one I’ll most likely get no matter what. However, how much structural security does a synth case really need? (Which reminds me, is the case made of extruded aluminum, like the 4U, or is it made of bent sheet metal? If it’s extruded, it would be simple to make it just as robust.) I would expect that if anything were to happen that could damage that case that badly, I would have bigger things to worry about than the case. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And while the lower edge of the case is similar in appearance to the other cases, the top edge obviously is not. I think it’s better to have something look completely consistent with itself than partially consistent with something else for the sake of brand. I’m only talking about an extra ~5mm. Unless you have a third-party carrying bag/case that is tight on space, or you’re putting the case on a very narrow shelf, I think it’s a negligible amount of extra bulk.

The rails are extruded and the main body is bent sheet metal (aluminum), the sides are separate, the build is similar to the 7U performance case.

Will the stereo out be realized with one stereo jack like the 1U Headphone out, or with two seperate jacks? For the Elektron Rytm just one stereo jack would be nice, but im expecting you to do it with two seperate jacks, is that right?

Our cases have the jacks built in, the 1U Module connects to 2 separate 1/4" balanced jacks.

If you are looking for a single jack, the Headphones 1U module will do you just fine.

hmmm sadly not for my usage, the amplitude of the headphone out is too low, that is also why i run into this issues with the cackling headphone amp, it works realy well for my headphones, but not as an output to my analog rytm. Maybe you can add a jumper on the backside of the headphone out module with the next PCB revision, where you can choose between amplification for headpones or linelevel. At least me would buy one more of that headphone modules then :smiley: