Syncing Intellijel 1u midi with Logic and Pamelas workout

Hi All!

I’m 2 years into the Euro adventure. Enjoying it.
Lots of Intellijel in my rack.

Here is my setup:
Mac mini 2018 driving an Apollo x4 daisy chained with a Focusrite 8usb. I use Logic and Protools (when I have to, not in love with it).

Here’s my eurorack:

I would like to know how to sync my Pamelas workout with Logic. I am guessing it would be a midi cable from my system to the Midi 1u then CLK out to the Pamela unit. I’d like to simply get it stopping and starting with logic to start. I tried it once with no luck.

Right now the only midi out I have is with my Focusrite, which I disconnected from the computer. I only use it as a sattelite 8 in and out through the opticals on my Apollo. If I have to reconnect the Focusrite via the usb to my computer for the midi, then so be it. I was wondering if there was another solution though, I liked not having to use the usb slot. Actually I will take any ideas of how to stop and start the Pamela with Logic and the midi 1u.

Thanks a lot!!!

Peter Hay

I have both of these modules and I regularly sync them in the way you described. Just need to make sure the ppqn setting on the Pam matches the midi source clock and it’s set to stop and start with the clock. These are both settings you can access/set on PNW by long pressing the blue knob when on the BPM screen.

This will also be affected by the clock division you have set on the Midi 1u.