Support needed: Loading presets externally


I’m building a live case w. Rainmaker and Shapeshifter so I can recall presets from song to song.

I am running into some issues I hope you can help me with.

· Rainmaker: How do I save the Mod A and B destinations between power cycles? I’ve choosen Mod A destination to be “Preset#” but it’s not saving between power cycles. What to do?

· Shapeshifter: “Preset Mode” -> “Step” menu: I want “Begin” parameter to be 0 and “End” parameter to be set to 99, while using step mode “MODB”. These parameters is also not saving between power cycles. What to do?

With Rainmaker, you will just have to save a Preset with MODA assigned to Preset# and TRIG assigned to Preset Load. Once you save that preset those settings should be retained after power cycling. Then you will just have to load that preset at the beginning or end of your live set.

I’m not sure that those settings are retained on Shapeshifter, so you might have to set that up each time.