I really like my modules and have been enjoying my jam sessions.

Couple of suggestions :
-Attack and Decay knobs should have independent lights or a dual color led to better show the transition point
-Plastic switches would be better if they were metal
-Time division mode per envelope that would read a clk in. knobs would be divisions of the tempo rather than freeform kind of like the LFOs on the Minibrute 2S. Would be especially useful in loop mode.
-EOC seems to not lightup at times when knobs are past midpoint, maybe it is entering the start of the envelope cycle again and not triggering EOC?
-Sometimes the pulse wave LFO triggers one of the envelopes in double time where the same signal is on time for the other 2 (split with buff mult or hub) I think a sawtooth wave works ok. Not sure what the trigger conditions are.
-I find this module the hardest to use to keep in time with the song.

-LEDs when all taps are on make a retina blaster in the dark, maybe the LEDs could be dimmed with a trimpot like a little recessed flattip?

Buff mults, Unity mixer, Hubs
-Should have 4 outputs rather than 3 to line up better with a lot of Intellijel devices that are quad channel.

Shield internals with copper tape or something to block EMF, I have mine next to the Rubicon2 and it will pickup the signal with no input (esp when into a Jellysquasher that will bring up the level).

Audio I/O
VU meter may barely register signal but my Audio Interface (Rubix44) is telling me that the level is too hot and the limiter will kick in.
Any details on how the meter works?

Rubicon 2
-When you have the symmetry knob turned to the max then engage the lock it is slightly de-tuned. This is annoying since I use other VCOs, so I have to pick either mode to set the tuning to. Max symmetry +/- and lock engage should have the same frequency at outputs.

-Headers that connect the ribbon cables should be more in the center of a module. If your module is pressed up against the edge of a case it may contact the case wall. Rainmaker header is at the very left edge for example.

-My FX on button has to be actuated straight on, if you apply any sideways force then the button gets jammed on the panel. Maybe these types of buttons need a sleeve/guide
-In addition to the 3 color options maybe a 4th one to roll off the very high end like Dolby NR does.

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