Suggestion for scott vid. Other uses for polaris allpass ie; before distortion

You guys really undersell the value of the polaris filters allpass, absolutely nobody talks about it, you can really get cool timbral changes to sounds to alter the tone of a sound before it hits a distortion. its not just for use as a phaser inverted against the dry.

When you release the new wavefolder it would be cool to see it demo’d with warping a waveform with the polaris allpass before you send it to the wavefolder.

Pittsburgh modular likes to advertise that their wavefolding circuit that can revolutionarily wavefold squarewaves, but im 90% sure all you gotta do is allpass a squarewave to scramble the shape of the wave, and then it makes it wavefoldable

What other uses does allpass bring? its not talked about much, i know its used in feedback loops of delay networks to smear the echoes into more of a reverb sound

Allpass the waveform of a modulator before it hits the carrier in an FM patch?

Inspire us i’d love to hear some cool uses.


I’m a big fan of all pass filters before distortion. Phase modulation into distortion in general can get you some cool sounds. But I’ve seen precious few phase shifting effects in eurorack. I’ll have to give the polaris a second look.