Successfully mount a 4hp 3u module in the 1u space?

I know it can be done, and where theres a will theres a way… but if youve completed this task efficiently lets hear how and save me a bunch of research uptime please?

I did this.
If you want it to be easiest, buy an Intellijel 42hp 1U blank and cut it down.
I just used sheet aluminum.

The tricky bit is most 4hp modules are really maximizing PCB space so the board goes right to the edge of the face panel with very little overhang.
But if you precisely cut a hole for the PCB to slip through, it can look pretty good. If you don’t care how it looks, this won’t be a problem.

Thanks for all the details
Im not super diy inclined so i dont have a way to accurately cut metal unfortunately, although overall your idea seems like its the real solution

I did a dual passive ring mod by Buck Modular. I had a panel from Front Panel Express made

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