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A secondhand Rubicon mk1 is cheaper than a secondhand Dixie2+



Could not resist the offer. And thought it would pair nice with my brand new Shapeshifter. And it does. Very nice. Very very nice. So from now on my Rubicon mk1 will be called “Slavesister”.

Just a thought I wanted to share…


That’s awesome. I have one Dixie right now, I want to get another one and a Bifold, then from there I’d love to try out the Rubicon and Shapeshifter!

The original Rubicon is still an awesome oscillator. Total bargain on the used market!

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I don’t know if you have one, but an oscilloscope is a very handy tool. It is so much fun (and educational) to see what FM, Folding, Sync, etc, do. For me a real eyeopener (pun intented).

One Dixie and Bifold are (from my perspective) more fun than one Osc and a filter.

Yes, I have the Zeroscope. :blush: Before I started building my own rack, I reaped the benefits of the generic scope in VCV Rack. It was extremely helpful when trying to do advanced shaping of LFOs and when I was learning about phase modulation. I have been tempted to seek out a DATA module, but aesthetics are really important to me (too important?) and I don’t really like the look of it. I’m missing out on a lot of course, four channels and a spectrum analyzer in particular. In its absence I have been using an EQ plugin in Pro Tools for spectrum analysis.

What are you using for a scope? Do you do any spectrum analysis?

Zeroscope seems a very handy 1u-tool to me :slight_smile:

Aesthetics too important? I don’t know. The nice thing about modular in general and Eurorack particularly is that it is “easy” to make a very personal (or personalized) music instrument (or weird scientist laboratory :wink:). I think aesthetics is (or makes?) a part of that “personal bond”.

I use a O’Tool+. A present from my spouse. She was really liking the DATA on all the youtube movies. It helped her to understand what certain modules do. I chose the O’Tool+ because of aesthetics, size and costs. I use spectrum analysis on it, but only in combination with my Morpheus. Very helpful with that module. When I`m jamming I sometimes use my (t)rusty old TEAC EQA-20. More as visual aid then an in depth production tool.

I just read your biography. Nice.
So “Dutchmaster”? I’m from the Netherlands :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: If you want to hear some jazzy dutch spoken word, check this…

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Awesome tune! You probably noticed from my site that I’m into jazz. I love minimalist stuff like that.

Thanks for the vote of confidence there. :blush:

The O’Tool is nice, I’ve seen that! I might upgrade from the Zeroscope to that at some point instead of the DATA. Also, my girlfriend is interested in modular, we’ve been exploring together, I consider myself pretty lucky that she takes an interest in my hobbies (she’s a record collector like me also), I’m sure you feel the same!

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I totally agree :slight_smile: