Strange issue pairing Shapeshifter with ES3

I’m having a strange issue controlling the Shapeshifter with Silent Way Voice Controller via Expert Sleepers ES3. Calibration works fine, I get about 5 octaves of good tracking. The strange behaviour occurs when I turn the INIT. FM dial. It sounds like osc 2 is drastically modulating the pitch of osc 1. There’s no expected sync sound at all. This occurs even if there’s no pitch cv being sent from the ES3 hardware. What’s even stranger is if I unplug the ES3 from the SS pitch input then the INIT. FM dial suddenly works as expected.
Silent Way/ES3 is changing the Shapeshifter’s behaviour in this odd way and I can’t figure it out. I’m still wrapping my head around the SS but I’ve gone through all the settings and nothing I do seems to alter this behaviour.
Interestingly, Reaktor Blocks works perfectly as expected. It’s only when using Silent Way that this oddity occurs. However, Reaktor pitch calibration doesn’t work in my DAW, it only works in standalone mode which isn’t useful to me. So I would really hope to use Silent Way if possible.
Any insight is greatly appreciated, thx!

I’m confused. The INT.FM control is applying frequency modulation from OSC 2 to OSC 1, so it should absolutely be modulating the pitch of OSC 1. What happens when it “works as expected”?

When connected to ES3 osc 2 is modulating osc 1 at lfo rate even though it’s not in lfo mode. When I disconnect it from the pitch input osc 2 goes back to audio rate modulation. I’m still learning this unit, so hopefully I’m explaining this correctly. I’ll record an audio example later tonight so you can hear what it’s doing. Thx!

It’s definitely Silent Way that is causing the problem. The Voice Controller plug in is sending it weird information. When I hold a key it plays the correct pitch but when I release the key it lowers the pitch of the Shapeshifter drastically which is why osc 2 is running at lfo rate. You can even hear it pulsing when I’m not holding down a key.
In this clip I’m turning the INIT. FM dial while holding a note; then I release the note and turn the dial again revealing the lfo modulation. It only behaves this way when I’m not holding down a key. I’ll be contacting Expert Sleepers about this, but if you have further insight into this problem that’d be great.

We have had some customers in the past think that they have issues with their Intellijel modules, when the cause was actually an incorrect calibration in their FH-2 Expert Sleepers module.

Maybe there’s some kind of low voltage DC offset being applied while no note is present that is dropping the frequency of SS?